Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gearing Up for Executive Board! Join us Feb. 25th in Macon!

Gearing up for Executive Board in Macon is like composing a fine piece music. The officers, committee chairs, district directors, are all in charge of their own section in order to make beautiful melodic sounds. The name of the piece of work is called, "Forward Moving • Forward Thinking." Our chapter presidents and committee members are needed to add the tone and timbre to the work. Chapter members and guests are required to join to be the cadence and heart of the day's business.

Executive Board is not the work of one, but the work of many. Although it's a day of taking care of Psi State business, it's actually more than that. The day is filled with genuine spiritual fellowship and a chance to meet like-minded key women educators. It's a chance to see beyond the chapter level and experience the workings of Delta Kappa Gamma.

I hope to see YOU in Macon on February 25th!

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