Saturday, September 10, 2011

International Communications and Publicity Committee

I just returned yesterday from Headquarters in Austin. I'm always amazed when I step through the doors and wonder about the myriad of key women educators that have worked there to further our Society's work. It's humbling and inspiring at the same time.

As we broke bread for lunch in the Annie Webb Blanton Room, I took a minute to sit on the lovely "Georgia Couch" donated by Psi State years ago, yet no date was on the plaque. It is still beautiful with its crewel-like fabric and ribbon motif running across the seat pillows. I want to know more! Who selected it in Psi State? When? There has to be a Psi State story behind this! Does anyone know!? These stories do not need to be lost, but treasured and passed along.

Much work was accomplished by my committee. Working with ladies from far and wide really stretches me and allows me to grow. How often does one get to work directly with the International President, Dr. Jensi Sounders,  and the Information Services Administrator, Dr. Linda Eller? It is truly an honor and I hope other members of Psi State apply to serve at this level as applications should be posted at sometime in Novemeber.

Ladies...think about applying!

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Linda said...

I agree Peggy. Encourage members to apply. The only way a member can get on an international committee is to fill out the application and send it in. You may well be selected by the next international president.