Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Executive Board Meeting

Months of planning came to fruition yesterday in Macon. What a joy to look out to the one hundred fifty-six members filling the tables  and breathe a sigh of relief that the "new look" of Executive Board just might work! Although the day was a bit frenetic as we moved from place to place, there were many positive comments and smiling faces along the way.

I must admit my favorite part of the day was working with chapter presidents in the "Adding to Your Toolbox" session. I found that session to go by much too quickly and I would have loved to be with them all day! Ah, the possibilities!!!

It was amazing to see the new faces presenting at each of the six District Meetings and district directors running their show with passion and goals in mind. They unveiled their plans for spring district workshops to include training for chapter leadership for the next chapter biennium.

In the business meeting we set the date and location for DeltaHostel 2012 (Jekyll Island), Psi State Convention 2013 (Macon), unveiled plans for electronic scrapbooking, passed new funding for many projects, received an update on the SOS project, raised money for World Fellowship, learned about the project THAT, recognized Dr. Patti Newman as the Psi State Achievement Award winner, were updated on the Psi State Founders' Ad Hoc Committee, and awarded highest chapter participation to chapters by donating to Schools for Africa in their honor!

Of course there was our usual delicious lunch fare and great fellowship, but I am most proud of the sessions offered  throughout the day that included treasurer's workshop and sessions for general members. We tried very hard to make the day meaningful for EVERY person who attended. Many sisters were involved to make the new look took a village to raise the new look of executive board!!

Your evaluations were read word for word! Thank you for such great positive feedback that reflected that we are on the right track. We also had some recommendations for improvement as there is ALWAYS room for improvement. We are already planning for the next board meeting in February to be even better!!!

Spread the word about the new look of executive board. Bring new members and know we are designing executive board with YOU in mind.

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