Saturday, November 5, 2011

IRS Impacts Chapters Across DKG

The last three weeks have been interesting indeed, and all members need to take note of some serious matters and consequences with the IRS. Since 2007 chapters have been required to file an "e-card" form 990. (This came about due to Homeland Security post 2001.) Over 200 chapters have been affected by not filing!

We have now learned the serious consequences if the form is not filed three years in a row! I received an email from International informing me that two of our chapters in Georgia have been dropped from the DKG umbrella (due to not filing their 990 for the required years.) That was shocking to the chapter presidents and chapter treasurers indeed. These are GREAT chapters, with great leadership, and yet this still happened. Lesson learned: this can happen to YOUR chapter!

Once dropped from the DKG umbrella, our two chapters have had to reorganize under another name, close their checking accounts, receive  new EIN numbers, and open another account in their NEW name. This can happen to ANY chapter! Judy Farrigan (our state treasurer) and I have worked to help them through this whole process.

Judy has emailed all chapter presidents and treasurers, using our district directors to follow through, stressing the importance of filing by the Nov. 15th deadline! We have heard from many chapters, but some chapters have NOT responded. This is serious business. If the 990s are not filed, we will see more chapters go through reorganization!

So, if you are reading this, email your chapter president and treasurer and ask if your chapter is up-to-date filing 990s AND they have recently filed for the Nov. 15th deadline. Make sure they are keeping copies of all e-cards filed. If you need help or have any questions, please email me AND Judy Farrigan. This is serious business ladies. We are  here to help and serve.

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